This was my biggest project at Bambuser and it was a redesign of the whole content management system. Since it had to fit all our clients from world wide and local news organizations, app developers and field services, we decided to go the modular path to have an adaptive system.

What did I do?
I worked in a product team of 5 people where I acted as Designer for UI and UX. I also fascilitated workshops, organized the developers and did some front-end development. 

About the project
One of the biggest project I did at Bambuser was to redesign the content management system. It’s a web based system that, at the start of the project, had a pretty wide scope. It had to fit world wide and smaller news organisations, like AP(Associated Press) and NRK(Norwegian state news), app developers and a whole new client base in field services. Quite early we realised they have very different needs and wants for the service which made us go for a modular approach. We also had very little data on our current users, and none for the field service segment so the design had to be very adaptable for easy changes after future testing.

The process started with a workshop I held for brain dumping and co-creation with company representatives from sales, backend/frontend developers and me from design. A good way to align expectations and get everyone on the same page. We took a "yeas, and.." aproach, so that even if something wasnt doeable right now we didnt kill those ideas. That made us see that we needed to rebuild a bit of the back-end to make search and sorting work as we wanted.

We continued with me building  a basic wireframe-design and adding basic visuals from the ideas and co-creation we got out of the workshop. This became our base that we split up in different parts, which can be seen here. This made it so that as front-end was starting something, I had usually just been there poking, iterating the visuals, so we were on the same page and as problem arised we could handle them quite fast and smooth.

As I'm writing this, some features have been rolled out but the project is still in development.