I want to create creative concepts, strategies and prototypes with a human-centered focus through the magic of teams.

UX-/Interactive Designer
Bambuser AB

Interactive Designer
Helikopter Brand Design

Assistant Art Director
Heimer & Company


Interactive Art Director
Hyper Island

Graphical Design & Technology
Dalarna University

Game Development
Luleå Technical University


I love creative design, boundary pushing technology, art with a message, music with a meaning and every attempt to do something better. Snowboarding, painting, the outdoors, creative creating, traveling, Star Wars, space and astrophysics are things that inspires me in life and I love talking about them.

The last 1½ years I've worked at Bambuser as a UX/UI designer, mainly doing product development. I started at Bambuser after studying Interactive Art Director at Hyper Island, and prior to this I worked as an Interactive Designer and Assistant Art Director for 4,5 years doing a lot of UX, Digital Design and some Art Direction. My Hyper Island journey opened my eyes to new areas of the creative industry that I’d love to explore more. Coming from doing a lot of UX and human center design, I find building interactive things, creating storys and make design, tech and people meet something very interesting.

I'm curious about things and I love being a beginner and discover new grounds. This have manifested in a a need to create, explore and observe. It made me start coding again with Arduino and Processing after "breaking up" with code following my game development studies. I've done normal and not so normal things with this urge. From creating digital experiences and ideating concepts to prototyping a VJ-jacket or the time that I built a small pond in my backyard as a kid because I love the sound of running water. Its taken me down paths I never thought I'd go, and it's been an exciting journey.

More about me
I’m from a small town called Avesta in the most Swedish part of Sweden, Dalarna, where I was raised on hockey in the dark cold winters and soccer during the short warm summers. 

I've always loved to explore new stuff and go my own way. When others started skating I started riding BMX and wakeboard, when they played Counter Strike I played Americas Army. I did the standard Swedish sports soccer and hockey but was usually found in the back guarding the goal. I started my design and coding career by escaping the real world with our first computer and learned to build programs, do 3D and game with others out in the world!

Still reading? Let me tell you about my grandmother!
I love my grandmother and she have had a huge impact in my life, and this story sums her up pretty good. She is from the far north of Sweden, so far that the sun don’t rise during winter time. At 16 y/o she got her fist job answering the phone at a hair dresser, that was the first time she used a phone. And at 86 y/o she wanted me to teach her to use a computer. That kind of eager and hunger to learn is something I admire so much in her, and I hope I've inherited some of that drive! 

Thats it! You want more?! Send me a mail!